When nature is ill, people, both adults and children, are also ill … And everyone who destroys the environment, destroys our forests, is to blame…

Kind and responsive residents of Moldova try to support the environment and do not disregard any calls for assistance.

But can a man with a kind heart be careless? We must help others, especially if they are in a difficult situation. Even if it’s difficul for us, we must do everything possible to help them. This is how our souls function. This is how the oaks function. Oaks are beautiful and strong trees. How many animals feed the oak, how many birds can take refuge in its branches, how many people breathe clean air and drink the clean water that the oak gives? Oaks have little flexibility. But we should not bend and let our nature perish.

In 2020, thanks to your donations, the children of Moldova will have the opportunity to plant at least 10,000 oak seedlings. The fate of each tree can be tracked using – oakplanet.org. Our volunteers have already planted more than 4,000 oak trees with a group of children from Chisinau.

We are sure that the child who planted an oak seedling, gave this oak a name and follows every step in the development of its tree, will never destroy another plant or forest. We want parents to plant oaks with their children – this is a great tool of education and offers only positive emotions to the participants.

The oak is a noble tree.

One adult oak tree provides 11 people with clean air every year.

One adult oak releases 6000 liters of pure water into the atmosphere annually.

Oaks do not multiply naturally because they are not allowed to do so by the animals (squirrels, mice, wild boars ….) – after all, acorns are their favorite treat, their most delicious dinner.

Unfortunately, our state cannot cope with the problem of oaks preservation and each year there are fewer of them.

Only together can we solve this problem. Only together we can restore the health to the forests and nature of Moldova. If children will continue to plant forests, the future of Moldova will be much better.

Using caritate.md  collected 14,748 MDL (≈750€) for this project.