Dear friend,

if you honor traditions and if you are not indifferent to environmental problems we invite you to the one of the most significant events in the world ball calendar – Oakplanet Ball.

By tradition, the ball is opened by debutantes. Part of the opening is carried out in according with the classic scenario of Viennese Ball. After the famous phrase “Alles Walzer”2000 guests who dance walzer and polka before midnight join the dancing debutantes till 5:00 AM.

The funds raised helps us to plant oaks in Europe.

Anyone who has ever planted a tree knows the feeling of having done something very meaningful. In no action is one closer to nature and the origin than planting trees.

We have honor to invite you to the next Oakplanet Ball

Faunders of the Oakplanet Ball

    The feeling of having created something long-lasting and almost infinite inspires and gives us great pleasure.

    Our mission is to plant 10,000,000 oaks by 2030.

    With your accordance, right now we could plant an oak in your friend honor.

    You can present an oak tree as a gift for your friend who is not indifferent to environmental problems. It’s a nice gesture. It’s free for you (thanks oakplanets sponsors).

      The sponsors and partners of annual Viennese ball in Moldova 2015-2020: