Oak Planet

If forests die...

rivers will dry up and fertile lands will turn into deserts

The problem

During the last 100 years forests area has decreased by 1/3 and continues to decrease

50 football fields per minute

This is the speed of forest area destruction in 2020

The solution

Global planting and register program. Oakplant volunteers plant and take care of oak trees.

Plant an oak tree

Plant an oak tree right now with oakplanet.org


Provide a name and a care of an oak tree

Your personal involvement can save nature. Start taking care of a small tree. Provide a name for an oak tree. This simple step will be the beginning of life of an oak tree that can last for hundreds or even thousands of years. We will plant an oak tree for you the same day we get your message. Please, provide your e-mail. Name and phone number are not required.
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Why do we plant oak trees?

Oak tree is a noble plane which gives oxygen and water necessary for all living beings on Earth. 

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  • Clean air

    One mature oak tree provides enough oxygen for 11 humans

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  • Clean water

    One mature oak tree produces 6000 liters of clean water annually

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  • Oak tree is a noble plant

    An oak tree is a symbol of freedom and continuity, a symbol of spiritual and physical power

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  • An oak tree is a long-lived plant

    Oak trees may be 500-600 years old. Some oak trees may be 1500 or even 2000 years old. Imagine how much clean water and oxygen an oak tree can produce during its life.

A gift for your friend

Present an oak tree as a gift for your friend who is not indifferent to environmental problems

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